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10 Insider Tips

for Cracking the Israeli Job Market

by Orly Rosenfeld

Israel is indeed the “start-up nation” – famous for its brilliant minds, innovation and countless success stories that brought fame and fortune to many. And the job market in Israel is fast-paced, challenging, dynamic and competitive.

Most new immigrants to the “land of milk and honey” come with high hopes and big dreams. But once they start to job hunt, they are faced with a harsh reality - cultural gaps, fierce competition, lower salaries, and a language barrier.

But don’t lose heart! Making Aliyah can be a fulfilling, exciting and successful move, both personally and professionally. Preparation is the key.

Here are some valuable tips on how to approach the Israeli job market from a human resources insider.


1. Realize Your USP

Your language is your unique selling point and a key to finding that first job. Israeli companies in the international arena need you for your language skills. Use that to your advantage!

2. Be Realistic

You may have to take a step backwards or sideways in order to start working. Get acquainted with the types of jobs that are available to you.

3. Be Open-minded

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Believe in your abilities and give it your best!

4. Do Your Homework

Once you’ve decided to make Aliyah, be sure to contact friends, relatives and professional agencies that can provide you with relevant insight - in advance.

5. Know Your Geography

Israel is small, but most of the opportunities are still located in what’s called Eizor HaMercaz (the Tel-Aviv area). Keep that in mind when choosing where to settle.

6. Localize Your Resume

The best resume for the Israeli market is clear, concise and simple. Aim for no more than two pages!

7. Get Networking

Be sure to connect with online and offline professional groups. Contact people you know in your field and attend professional, career-related events.

8. Learn How to Interview - Israel Style

You may find this to be a startling experience! The Israeli interviewing style is usually direct and straightforward, and may cross your personal boundaries. Go into interviews with an honest, positive, and confident approach. And whatever happens - don’t take it personally!

9. Decide On A Salary

How much do you want? It’s one of the first questions you’ll be asked. Seek professional guidance to aim for the right range, for the right job, at the right time.

10. Don’t Give Up!

Finding your first job in Israel may take time. Treat it as a learning experience. Meanwhile, invest in improving your Hebrew, making new friends, and getting to know this wonderful and special country.


Stay positive, the right job for you is out there!




About the Author

Orly Rosenfeld is the founder and director of LEAP, a unique placement agency helping new immigrants (olim) find financial security and fulfillment in Israel for over ten years.

Orly wants to hear from you - new immigrants and potential new immigrants alike – at  orly@leap-now.com


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