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We're simply different

In what fields do you place most of your job-seeking customers?

The overwhelming majority of the positions in which we place candidates are related to foreign-language communications. In Israel, that generally means positions in which you'll have contact with non-Hebrew-speaking customers or suppliers, such as in: sales, marketing, support, service and administration. In other cases, your language skills may be needed for written marketing and business communications such as copywriting. Our corporate clients include companies of all sizes in a wide array of industries.

How long does it usually take to find a job?

Anywhere between a day and a few months. Through a combination of our extensive contacts and personal meetings with our job-seekers, we know how to tailor your job search to get the best, and quickest, results.

I am perfect for a job I saw you posted. Can you recommend me without my having to come into your offices for a meeting?

No. The success of our service is in its unique, personalized approach. Part of that approach is our policy of meeting all the candidates we recommend face-to-face.

What is your success rate?

We have an excellent placement rate, with both job-seekers and employers expressing full satisfaction on all levels. While we recognize that we're very good at what we do, we also know that there are no guarantees. Landing a job sometimes requires more than even the most experienced guidance or the most generous assistance one can provide.

I am planning on making Aliyah in a few months' time. Can you help me with my job search while I am still abroad?

The success of our service is in its unique, very personalized approach. We only initiate a job search after a face-to-face meeting (sorry, Skype doesn't count) in which we get to know each other a bit. However, we'll be happy to arrange a meeting for you with one of our dedicated immigrant employment experts after your arrival in Israel.

However, we will be more than happy to discuss with you all of your future employment options and provide effective guidance through our Career Consulting service.

Do you deal with placements abroad?

Not at this stage. However, we do have plans to expand in that direction in the future.

I live in Jerusalem (or up north, or down south) and I am looking for a job. Can you help?

Most of our corporate clients are located in the Central region (Gush Dan and the Sharon area). Even if you are happy to commute, the job market is such that employers have enough local candidates to choose from. If you have yet to decide where to settle in Israel, you may want to take this employment situation into account as a serious consideration.

I am currently living in Israel, but I have not made Aliyah and I do not have a work permit. Can you help me find a job?


Can you assist in the process of obtaining a work permit from the Interior Ministry or the Jewish Agency?

In some unique instances we were able to help move the process along, but that is not definitely not part of the LEAP services. We strongly recommend applying for a work permit through the regular channels.

I have sent my CV to you a number of times; however, I have not received an answer. Why is this?

We're very sorry that we are not able to reply to every application. However, when we receive a CV, we absolutely and immediately respond to anyone we feel we can help with their job search. Please bear in mind that the job market can be very dynamic. So, don't be shy. Feel free to send us your resume again after a few weeks.

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