Your next job in Israel is just a LEAP away

Whether you’ve lived in Israel for three years or twenty years, whether you’ve used our services before or not, by now you know a thing or two about the Israeli job market. We’re here to kick it up a notch.

Take your career in Israel to the next level

You’ve been around the block. So have we

You’ve been an integral part of the startup nation for a while. Like you, our recruitment professionals all made aliyah years ago, allowing us to approach your job search with a unique understanding that comes from being part-sabra, part-something else.

Your native language is still your biggest asset

No matter how long you’ve called Israel home, your foreign language is the gift that keeps on giving. Here at LEAP, we make sure your native language continues to be a major asset that helps your career blossom through the years.

Always by your side

You’ve entrusted us with one of the most important aspects of your life: your career. We never take that trust for granted. We stop at nothing to land you the job of your dreams: from getting you interviews at desirable companies, to being your ally throughout the process, to finally helping you cross the finish line.

Building a community of winners

Here at LEAP, we’re no commitment-phobes. We get a lot of happy former clients coming back to use our services again and again. As the years go by, and their needs (and the market) evolve, we evolve right along with them. You can be a part of our ever-expanding network for as long as you’d like.


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