We carefully cherry-pick the job candidates we send your way, so you can stop drowning in CVs – and start finding that needle in the haystack. Warning: Working with us may result in having too many great candidates to choose from.


Special access to native language speakers

We know it’s not easy to find that fits-like-a-glove job candidate. It’s even harder when they need to be a native speaker of a foreign language. Where are all those talented olim hiding, you ask? Well, they’re right here at LEAP, having coffee with us as we speak. Don’t worry, it’s our job to share them with you.

Candidates are screened for fit

We meet – face-to-face – every single candidate we send your way. So only the best-fit candidates get through your door. Because being a native language speaker doesn’t automatically make you a content writer.

Your boots on Israeli ground

If you’re a global employer, we can also serve as your boots-on-the-ground HR if you don’t have such a function located in Israel. We have the mentality, language, and know-how needed to get you the best foreign language-speaking recruits for your company.

A matter of trust

Over 500 leading internationally-oriented companies of all sizes and a variety of industries trust us to find kick-ass native speakers to fill their roles. Some of our notable clients include Wix, Noble Energy, Check Point, and Payoneer.


Here for all your Recruiting needs

Recruitment on a per-job basis, Send us your new positions as soon as they open up and we’ll set you up with the best candidates for the job.
Full HR service: Use us as your HR contact here for hiring local employees until you have an in-house HR of your own. We’ll take care of screening and interviewing for all positions.