What people say

Your successful job placement fills us with pride

I want to express my gratitude to the company Leap-Now and especially its professional advisor Meir Lopatinsky for his great professionalism and extreme dedication, who is advising me in the process for the revalidation of my career as a doctor in Israel. I highly recommend hiring the service due to the human warmth and professional trajectory!

Ariel Eisemberg

I can't be more grateful to Orly at Leap for helping me find my new job! Working with her from day one was so incredibly pleasant. She is not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, but she also knew exactly how to support and encourage me throughout my job search. Because of Leap, I was able to start a new professional chapter that I know will open so many doors for my future. I would absolutely recommend Leap to anyone who is seeking a new career opportunity, as they are very well-connected in a variety of fields and regions, and they offer the best and most reliable service around. Thanks again to Orly and everyone at Leap!

Nicole Levy Weiss

"The beginning of my story with Leap started even before I made Aliyah, in 2017. From day 1, I knew that I am in professional hands. Orly listened to me carefully, understood my skills, my abilities and my goals, then showed me the right way to go for it. The expertise and the help have been invaluable during this process. I would like to thank you one more time for the assistance that Leap provided me and thanks to them I found my dream job in Israel in less than 3 months after my Aliyah."

Rahel Alev

I received excellent care and attention, and they really were attentive to my goals and jobs that were fitting to my experience and skill set. Thank you so much! Batya is awesome!

Daniel Weber

Thank you Batya for helping me find a great job at a fantastic company. Batya has a great attitude and is very professional. She was able to present several opportunities that matched my desires and was in touch every step of the way. I have an endless amount of compliments for Batya and highly recommend her.

Aaron Ellis

My experience with LEAP it was amazing!!!. They are working with the best companies .Really kind and professional people. I found a new job in less than one week !!!!! Thank you, Nili!!!!!

Sara Zito

My experience with LEAP was amazing!! I was looking for a job during almost two months before contact Leap, and Nili helped me to be hired in one week. She is a really good professional and I am very grateful for her work. I recommend to anyone that is looking for a job to contact them ASAP! Thank you Nili and LEAP!! =)

Daniele Pitkowski

Highly recommend LEAP! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Nili, the placement manager who worked with me. Nili was professional, diligent, and thorough . She took the time to meet with me and really get to know me, my experience, goals, etc.. Something no other agency did. As a result, Nili provided me with some great job opportunities. Not only is Nili kind and patient, she truly cares about helping you find the best position possible, and is there to guide you throughout the process. Many thanks to Nili and Wendy for all their hard-work and dedication!

Christina Macreeze

After 5 months in Israel and having sent my CV to dozens if not hundreds of places, I received a call from LEAP to set a skype interview with Dafna. Towards the end, with sparks in her eyes she said "I hope its not too late but I think you will be a great fit for this amazing organization! The process was long with many interviews and long waits. Orly and Dafna were always very supportive and encouraging . And when it finally happened on 🇮🇱 yom aatzmaout 🇮🇱 they were "almost" as excited as I was. Orly and Dafna are such caring and passionate professionals! I will forever be grateful to you ! תודה רבה

Alicia Salama

I am so happy that I found LEAP while I was looking for a job in Tel Aviv. Orly at LEAP was very professional and helped me find a job in my field within one week. I had a Skype interview with Orly so that she can get to know me and what I was looking for. Orly was able to set me up with three companies in one week. After two of the companies showed interest, I received an offer and signed a contract within one week. I highly recommend using LEAP as they are very professional, and the best employment agency that I have ever worked with. Thank you to the team at LEAP!!!

Ron Astman

Orly did an outstanding job and got me interviews with two serious companies. I got offers from both. Through comments from interviewers in both companies I understood that Orly's introduction and evaluation of my person had been very important. It mattered that I had come through her. She was very well connected with interviewers, knew them well. During the interview processes, Orly briefed me thoroughly on the interview process and my interviewers, what to expect and what I was expected to show. She is very responsive and follows up after interviews, both with the candidate and interviewers, pushes your candidacy. She is very dedicated and professional - stands certainly out in her profession.

Simon Weinstein

Truly an amazing service provided by LEAP, in particular, Nili. I really had the pleasure of experiencing world class assistance in finding employment and would highly recommend LEAP to anyone! They followed up after each interview, find the best suited companies that match your profile and are very professional. Thank you guys =)!!

David Jeannot Albeldas

An amazing agency that is so patient, caring and consistent. Thank you so much I am truly grateful.

Saphira Samuels

I have had the pleasure of working with Orly over the last few years. She has always been extremely professional, helpful and dedicated to helping me find the best suited work. Anytime I had a scheduled interview, I would receive a message from Orly wishing me luck going into it and a follow up message to see how it went. Her dedication to her customers is something special and something I really value. I highly recommend Orly and Leap as they have helped me time and time again

Tali Eliyahu Heller

I had the pleasure of working with Rinat, she got me many interviews with different international companies who really fit my needs. Rinat called me before and after to give some pointers and ask how it went. I really felt guided through the whole process, I got offered a job and they also advised me on negotiating the contract. If I would have to look for work again I would definitely use them!

Nathalie Rijlant

Such excellent service and amazing help. Rinat helped me find my perfect job in the perfect time. Thank you

Rebecca Atias

Hereby I want to thank Orly for being helpful and efficient with helping me through the process to find a suitable job within shortest time at a very established company. I really appreciate being part of this new team . I can highly recommend her to all job seekers!

Claudia Hawaiì

Orly was absolutely fantastic and helped me find a wonderful job. (The workplaces that Leap have are of the highest quality!!) Orly was there to answer questions and help me through every step of the process. I felt that I had someone accompany me through and it definitely made finding a new job less daunting! Thank you so much!

Lisa Emma Krebs

I was so pleased and impressed by the help and support that Orly and LEAP gave me after arriving in Israel and entering the job market. She was warm and friendly, always available, professional and so supportive of me throughout. Now thanks to her and the team I am able to start my new life in Israel in the best way possible! Thank you!

Saul Jonathan

Originally, my friend recommended me to contact LEAP because of her good experience with them. And YES, they are the best among the others I have contacted. They are very kind, sincere and responsible. We feel that they deeply care about us. Special thanks to Tanya:) Thank you for your kindness and great help & support!

Hiroko Bukowski