LEAP ahead

Thinking of moving to Israel? Get a head start. We’ll give you a clearer picture of the Israeli job market, and help resolve your burning questions about where you fit in before you even board your flight.


Quick question? Quick answer

While you need to be in Israel for us to help with your job search, we can still help answer job-related questions as you consider putting down roots in the start-up nation, or await your aliyah date. For basic, informational questions, see our FAQ. If you’re looking for a more personal touch, read on.

Dive deeper

Reserve your exclusive one-to-one consultation with our in-house recruiting experts to start arming yourself with time- and stress-saving knowledge – before you make aliyah. You’ll learn what opportunities Israel can offer you professionally, how to adjust your CV to best suit the Israeli job market, what type of salary you can expect, and much more. Once you’re here, you can hit the ground running, without scrambling around to figure things out.

We’re realistic Zionists

Here at LEAP, we are true Zionists at heart. Yet as experts in the Israeli job market, it’s our job to make sure that your career expectations are aligned with the reality before you take that Aliyah flight. That way, you’ll never have to take a return flight!

Your language is our language

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re considering a major move is a language barrier. With us, there is none. We speak your language, and work only with companies that are seeking a talented native speaker like you.


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